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Privacy Policy

We make a strong commitment to protect and respect your privacy.

Below is our most current Privacy Statement, last revised on 12/01/2012.

HarvestMoonLoans knows that you care how information about you is used and shared. Therefore we make a strong commitment to protect and respect the privacy principles regarding the personal information you provide. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to explain the types of information Harvest Moon obtains about visitors to our website, how the information is collected, how it is used, and how visitors can restrict its use or disclosure. We appreciate your trust. APPLY NOW!

This Privacy Statement was last revised on 12/01/2012. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason. The latest version of the Privacy Statement will be available on our website and significant changes to our Privacy Statement will be communicated on our homepage for a certain period of time after the change is made.

By using our website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement is in accordance with the law.

Personal information is any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes information that tells us specifically who a person is, such as a person's name, telephone number, e-mail address, home address or payment and financial information. We can receive this information through any medium.

We may collect other information that does not in and of itself identify a specific person. This information includes IP addresses, search terms, domain names and browser types. We use this information to track usage patterns on our website.

If you submit personal information, you agree that we may keep a record of this data. These records are strictly for internal use by Harvest Moon Loans. This data is used to determine loan eligibility, and for this purpose, we may disclose data to reporting agencies.

We may provide you with information about new products and services. Cookies help us improve our level of service to clients, by tracking user behavior.

We do not sell, trade, rent or disclose individually identifiable information about our clients and website visitors. All information is kept strictly inside Harvest Moon Loans, unless we are required by law, regulation, court order or other legal process to disclose data. We do not disclose your personal information unless it is necessary to protect safety of customers, employees or property.

Collection and Use of Bank Account Information for Purposes of Collecting Loan Payments:

If we extend credit to a consumer, we will consider the bank account information provided by the consumer as eligible for us to process payments against. In addition, as part of our information collection process, we may detect additional bank accounts under the ownership of the consumer. we will consider these additional accounts to be part of the application process and eligible for payment retrieval.

SMS Disclosures and Terms

This Short Message Service ("SMS") Disclosure ("Disclosure") applies to each account you have with us for which you have elected to receive SMS messages.

1. The words "we", "us" and "our" refer to us along with our agents, with whom we have contracted to facilitate payments to your Account(s).

The words "you" and "your" mean you, the individual identified on the account(s) you have with us ("Account"). As used in this Disclosure, "SMS Notifications" means any SMS (text message) communication from us to you pertaining to your Account, including, but not limited to, account or payment information, promotions, due date reminders, delinquent accounts, coupons and other marketing material.


You may withdraw your consent to receive SMS Statement Notifications by texting STOP to the message you receive.

You may also withdraw your consent by calling us at 855-228-7344. At our option, we may treat your provision of an invalid mobile phone number, or the subsequent malfunction of a previously valid mobile phone number, as a withdrawal of your consent to receive SMS Statement Notifications. We will not impose any fee to process the withdrawal of your consent to receive SMS Statement Notifications. Any withdrawal of your consent to use SMS Statement Notifications will be effective only after we have a reasonable period of time to process your withdrawal.

3. For HELP on Services.

To request additional information, text HELP to the message you receive or contact us by telephone at 855-228-7344.

4. How to Update Your Records.

It is your responsibility to provide us with a true, accurate and complete mobile number and to maintain and update promptly any changes in this information. You can update your mobile number by calling us at 855-228-7344 or through email;

5. Hardware and Software Requirements.

To receive SMS Statement Notifications that we make available to you, you must have:

- a SMS-capable mobile phone;
- an active mobile phone account with a communication service provider that offers SMS services;
- sufficient storage capacity on your mobile phone

6. Communications in Writing.

All SMS Statement Notifications in electronic format shall be considered "in writing" to the extent allowed by law.

7. Charges.

There is no service fee for SMS Statement Notifications but you are responsible for any and all charges, including, but not limited to, fees associated with text messaging, imposed by your communications service provider. Consult your mobile service carrier's pricing plan to determine the charges for sending and receiving text messages. These charges will appear on your phone bill.

8. Other Important Terms.

Additionally, you agree that we may send any SMS Statement Notifications through your communication service provider in order to deliver them to you. You agree to provide a valid mobile phone number for these services. You further agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, cost and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from your provision of a mobile phone number that is not your own or your violation of applicable federal, state or local law, regulation or ordinance. Your obligation under this paragraph shall survive termination of the Agreement. SMS Statement Notifications are provided for your convenience only.

We will not be liable for losses or damages arising from any delay in delivery or disclosure of account information to third parties by your communication service provider We may modify or terminate our text messaging services from time to time, for any reason, and without notice, including the right to terminate text messaging with or without notice, without liability to you, any other user or a third party. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use from time to time without notice. Please review these Terms of Use from time to time so that you are timely notified of any changes.

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